Wardrobe Basics: Play Date to Date Night - The Maxi Skirt

I've found that I am rather lazy.  If a recipe is fussy, I won't make it, or will skip steps like they're going out of style.  I wear a skirt/dress all Sunday long not for any spiritual reason, but because I can't be bothered to come up with a second outfit when the first was hard enough.

So when we have those few and blessed out-of-the-house dates and I'm frantically trying to get jammies and dinner and diapers and everything else set out for the minions so the babysitter doesn't have to hunt anything down, the last thing on my mind is coming up with another cute outfit.

I've found there are a few pieces in my wardrobe, and probably yours, that transition really well from day to night, even if the day look just involves reading books on the couch or playing at the park.  Over the next few weeks, I'll show you how with a little forethought the morning of, I can easily get away with one outfit that suits (pun entirely intended) all my needs.

The Maxi Skirt

We'll kick things off with an easy one - the maxi skirt.  Because I'm sure everyone is not sick of hearing about the virtues of maxi skirts.

But really - they're popular for a reason.  I have to say, it took me a while to find a maxi or two that I love.  The uber voluminous ones just don't work on me, but ones with a little slimmer profile are great.  So if you've shied away thus far, consider trying out a slightly different style.

In any case, maxis are great because they provide daytime comfort and coverage, but can still easily be dressed up for night.  This pretty and flowy coral one is perfect for both occasions.

Play Date

Easy, breezy.  Simple tee tied in a fun and easy knot, flowy skirt that provides coverage if you need to crawl around for crumbs, a watch, and simple but cute sandals.  Glasses if you're feeling especially alert and peppy.

Date Night

Throw on some pretty, chunky gold jewelry and wedges, take a few minutes to actually put on some makeup/contacts,  and tame your hair into a slightly-less-messy knot.  Set!

Simple, right?

Outfit details: Tee: Loft (thrifted); Skirt: Target; Both Sandals: Target (old); Necklace/Earrings: Forever 21/old; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington; Bracelets: India/c/o Yuni Kelley


  1. I LOVE both of these outfits! You look beautiful!

  2. Coral skirts have been catching my eye lately - this is lovely! Yay for clothes that are versatile and can be easily dressed up and down. :) I've decided to hold off on buying a maxi skirt until I get better at incorporating my maxi dresses into everyday wear ... :)

  3. Both these looks are great! That maxi looks so light and flowy (word?) and its a great color! Goes great with a plain tee too!


  4. Hi Preethi, would you mind if I featured this outfit and your blog on a post I'm working on called "Link-up outfit inspiration"? Feel free to say no (email below), but love this outfit!



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