Things That Make Me Happy Monday


Saturday morning, I slept in and then the kids & Dan took me downstairs where what was waiting for me?  A new bike and kids' bicycle trailer!!  I had a super old bike before that was just reconstructed of parts and didn't have gears and had rotted tires.  So now I have a for realz mountain bike that can go over cracks in the road without tipping and everything!  We hooked the trailer up to D's bike and went for a little ride, and oh!  It was glorious.  How I love this little family of mine, and this is the perfect thing for some amazing summer outings.  We often try to give "experience" gifts, and this is going to make some great experiences, I can feel it.

Sunday involved peaceful church, family time, and a pretty phenomenal meal.  Stuffed poblanos, marinated fajita veggies, guac, fresh salsa and limeade were all involved.  As were homemade ice cream in homemade waffle cones.  Capital S Spoiled over here.

Part of it was exhausting because it was definitely work on D's part, which means there wasn't much relaxing and lounging.  But good gracious, I'm grateful for a husband who loves me enough to do whatever he can to try to make me feel special.

Some of the best parts of the day, though, were the most simple - flowers made by Nat in the church nursery, picking wildflowers as a family, seeing grandmas and great-grandmas on Skype.  Hearing Nat say, out of the blue, "You look so pretty, Mommy!"  Seeing baby c smile and flap her arms in giddy excitement whenever I came into view.  The sweet little $1 hand painted mug.  Seeing Nat so excited to make me happy - being so excited to give me his flowers, making sure I was using my mug, being thrilled to reveal his big secret with Daddy about the bike and the trailer.  Having that dear husband of mine look in my eyes and tell me he loves me not only for caring for our children, but for being me.  That's sure a way to make a lady feel special.  I'm sure feeling pretty darn lucky these days.


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  1. Oooo just the CUTEST!!! Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. That is so sweet, sounds like a wonderful Mother's day!! Peaceful church is the best! Your kids are soso cute! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds Blog / Vintage Store Credit Giveaway!)


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