My Well-Visioned Husband

D's been needing some new glasses for a while now so when offered to send some over, we were totally excited.  We had a few hiccups at first with the first pair being a little crooked, but the customer service reps were extremely helpful and responsive.  They checked in multiple times (sometimes at annoying times...e.g., naptime...but they couldn't have known that.  So I tell myself, for this and for the UPS guy who insists on knocking as though my place were bigger than 800 square feet) and got another pair to us really quickly.

They offer a great selection of prescription glasses at prices way below the overpriced ones in doctors' offices.  Fairly sure I'll never buy glasses in a store again; online is so much easier and cheaper.  Plus, it's so nice having a wide selection and they even have a Virtual Mirror so you can check out how you would look in different styles beforehand.  Check it out:

Here's how Dan looks in his new eyeglasses:

Nice, yes?  I'm a big fan of the tortoiseshell on him.  (I seriously sat here for a full minute thinking "turquoise"..."wait, not turquoise..."  I need a nap.)

If you would like to pick some up for yourself, you can use the code Blog10 to get 10% off your order.  Happy vision perfecting!

Disclaimer: While we were provided with these glasses, all opinions and husbands are my own.

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