Grinchy Monday

So this morning I was minding my own lazy business by ignoring the toddler's 5th request to get him out of his crib but then changing his mind when I got there and focusing on important post-vacation things (email) instead.

Of course he took my 2.3 second delay as an opportunity to climb out of his crib (which he's successfully and regularly done for the past several months...justification, I smell?) and injure his wrist.  No swelling and still has range of movement thus far (more from the defense attorney) but it sufficiently freaked us all that the rest of the morning was spent doling out offers of cuddles and brownies and videos of that one muppet we all know and love (bigwink), all with a large dose of guilt.

And then I tripped and almost fell allll the way over.  While holding the baby.

Here's to hoping your Monday has been equally excellent.

1 comment

  1. oh no! i hope your monday gets better and that nat is alright!


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