Bows & Stripes & Appreciation

Shirt: Old Navy (bows potato stamped by me); Skirt: Old Navy; Sandals: Target (similar); Earrings: c/o Blue Nile; Necklace: Forever XXI

(I loooved how comfy but still cute this outfit was.  And I still want to stamp all the things.  The end.  Except the sapfest ahead.  Proceed with all the risk.)

I know Mother's Day is over and I've already had two posts that referenced it.  But I don't know, I can't seem to get my mind off it this week.  Not the celebration; but just remembering motherhood.  My motherhood.  I mean, I'm a mom!  Of childREN!  Plural!  I'm responsible for their well being and care and knowledge and growth and compassion.  Yipes.

Last week was a rough week, not gonna lie.  I think even the elements were feeling it, what with the rain and drear and more rain.  And then sudden bursts of bright blue sky and sunshine and then more rain and lightning.  And that's basically how I felt the whole week, too.  Rain and drear and outbursts of thunder and a sudden flash of smiles and pep and then back to grumpy mctrix.  I don't know; maybe it was just too many days of STILL not being able to go out without a sweater?  Or too many days of feeling like, YIKES that's a lot of laundry and I still need to vacuum but I can't do that during naptime but I also really need to wash my hair which is far worse than laundry and vacuuming combined and I ALSO can't do that during naptime.

What am I even talking about?  Something with lots of caps, evidently.

I'm not even sure where this rambledom is located, but it was just one of those weeks.  One where I yelled more than I should and got more upset about little things than was necessary and threatened time outs for all kinds of behavior that I always said I wouldn't.  That.  One where I would lie in bed at night and feel guilty for the mean things I said and did and would want to go get my babies from their beds and just squeeze them and let them know I love them, OH, I love them.  And that I don't want to lose their tender trust, ever.  When I wanted to just pick them up and hug them and tell them I was sorry.  (I didn't actually wake them; I was repentant, not crazy.)

A low point was when I, recognizing my emotion and drama and failure, apologized to Nat who gets the brunt of it because he is verbal and understands what I'm telling him.  And I asked him if I should have a time out for not using nice words and he said, "No, it's okay, Mommy.  I forgive you."

Ouch right to the heart of hearts.

And then Saturday happened.  And it was followed by Sunday.  And I felt enormously special and appreciated and realized that I basically could not dream of a better little family, for me.  Not a perfect family, nooo boy, not by a long shot.  Just a darn good one for me.

And it wasn't at all that I hadn't felt appreciated before.  I happen to have a husband who is dang high on the words of affirmation bit on the love languages test so I get told a lot that my work important.  And good.  And right.  But I don't know, there's something about taking time to reflect and remember and be in company and collaboration with all kinds of other WOMEN.  Not just current mothers or hoping mothers, but women, influencers of children and adults and communities.  There's something about reflecting on the importance of mothering, well, that just gave me a little lift.  A little reminder that this work I'm doing, and it is WORK, it is important and good and right.

That these little people with personalities and preferences and humor, oh, funny senses of humor, they matter.  And I matter for them.

And there's something about that, that this week, well, I feel rejuvenated.  And excited.  And tired.  Still tired.  But more glad and more grateful than I've ever been to be right where I am.


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  1. Cute outfit! It's totally my kind of outfit!


  2. Love the outfit!
    And right there with you on the parenting front. I live in the DC are and could not handle another day of that weather last week! It was a really rough parenting week for me too. I guess Mother's Day came just in time as a good reminder. :)


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