Things That Make Me Happy Monday

You know those weekends where you crawl into bed Sunday night exhausted, but good exhausted, and just think to yourself, "today was a good day"?  Well, this weekend was one big good day, I tell you what.

Saturday started out with Dan taking Nat to get his bike fixed while kina slept and I worked on preparing a talk for church.  Our congregation picks out topics and speakers several months in advance, so it's so so great being able to let thoughts incubate for a little while.  It is just nice to start out a weekend with a little bit of pondering, you know?  I had been sort of struggling with it the entire week.  The topic was honoring our earthly and divine heritage, and I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of family story as a guiding theme, but I couldn't really figure out what.  And then it just hit me one night last week and it all just came together and it was the best feeling.  I just felt...settled.

Then we headed out on an impromptu family walk and picnic and coconut cream pie tasting adventure in the gorgeous weather.  I could get used to 70 and sunny, oh yes I could.

First dandelion blowing.  And then he gave me his first flower just for me and I melted a little.
That. Face.
Cutest pie shop.
Then while the smalls napped, I baked cakes and made dip for a little low-key birthday party for D.  I tend to really prefer groups of 6-8 or so.  Bigger than that just feels a little overwhelming to me, like I can't really talk to anyone even though there are lots of people, because there are so many people.  Fellow introverts, do you hear me?  But this party.  Fun.  So fun!  Somehow we managed to hit on a date where almost all of our dear in-area friends were in town and able to come and we had some Daniel trivia and were going to do some minute to win it games, but the conversations were just so good that there wasn't even a lull for the games.  You know?  That kind of good party.  And it just so worked out that the child-ed folks came earlier and the child-free ones later so we had sort of two shifts which was perfect.  And there was cowboy caviar and hot corn dip and chocolate dulce de leche cake, do you hear me?  Good party, I say.

And then Sunday.  Oh, you peaceful thing, you.  Some Sundays are rough, I'm not gonna lie.  But this Sunday involved some yelling/frantic getting out the door but that was the worst of it.  And my talk went well and I played a violin duet (coincidence that turned into the Preethi show, but double reason for my lovely parents to come) that was just achingly lovely, I have to say, because it wasn't me - it was the arrangement and the balance and the accompaniment and the words that tied perfectly with my talk.  And then we went with my parents to their Hindu temple for some more family time and some Indian music and a blessing for kina.

So.  Good weekend.  The kind of weekend that we did things and had lots of fun, but are not exhausted.  The kind of weekend where we were uplifted and did some lifting up and fed and were fed.

And that, I tell you, is the way to start a Monday.

Seriously.  This kid.


  1. So now you must email me a copy of your talk! :) Please?

  2. Yay for beautiful, happy weekends! And yay for sweet little baby girl smiles and sweet little boys who give flowers!

  3. Soo... I discovered your blog and I love it! Didn't get a chance to tell you how VERY MUCH I enjoyed both your talk and the violin duet on Sunday. Both were incredibly inspiring. Oh My Father is one of my faves!


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