Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Sweater: Target; Skirt/Necklace: J.Crew Factory; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Tights: Old
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Mondays.  They're hard.  For me, anyway.  You're coming off a weekend of lovely family time and husbandly assistance with the smalls and relaxation.  You're exiting 2 days of waffle breakfasts and granola and yogurt making.  And Sundays, as lovely as they are with church and familial commitments, are often busier than I'd like.

I'm firmly convinced of the virtues of 3-day weekends - one for errands, one for church/family, one for relaxing with a book.  Alas, most weekends only have 2 days.  And let's be honest - even when there's an extra day, it just makes the next work day doubly difficult.

Whew.  Who knew I had so many Monday issues?

But since I often find myself feeling that Monday slump, I'd like to start remembering a few things that make me happy on Mondays.  This week:
  • This mac & cheese made in honor of the Superbowl.  Guac counts as a vegetable, right?
  • Speaking of the Superbowl, it became infinitely more enjoyable after my patient husband explained (with minimal teasing) how all those "downs" work and what it means to be offsides.
  • Celebrating my dad's dad's thithi, or the anniversary of his passing.  This is a special event in Hindu homes, and always a nice time for remembrance and family time.
  • Nat loving looking at pictures of him and kina on my iPod, excitedly pointing them out to her, and trying to get her to hold the iPod after enthusiastically informing her, "It's a picture of you and Nat!"

What makes you happy on Monday?

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  1. The color of your skirt is something that usually makes me happy! I'm pulling out my orangey red pants to wear today - perfect for a Monday.

  2. what a cool tradition to do to celebrate your grandpa. I love the color of that skirt!

  3. You're wearing happy colors today! :) I do a similar Monday feature on my blog, and something that's making me happy today is cooler weather. :)

  4. That outfit should definitely be making you feel happy too!

  5. Love this color combo...the scarf and skirt are so bright and fun. Monday's are super hard for me too, especially when I feel like I didn't get to accomplish what I wanted to over the weekend. I tend to do much better on Monday morning if I prep everything for work the night before (my pot ready to go etc.)

  6. I love the orange skirt and the mustard scarf! Such a great outfit!

  7. There should DEFINITELY be more 3 day weekends! I love your reasons why.. totally agree! :) I love your outfit, looks cozy and cute. :)

    New follower from pleated poppy link up! :)

  8. Great color combo and I want your boots I am in need of a pair of brown boots...

  9. LOVE the color combo! I have a mustard yellow scarf - I need to try it with red!

  10. Love the color combo! You look great. :)

  11. Love the color combo! Your list is on point. I really love my job and Monday's are typically pretty low key for me.


  12. what a lovely color palette! that scarf and your skirt go together perfectly :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  13. I love this bold color! Girl after my own heart! So glad I found your site, now following!
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