Stripes & A Flash of Yellow

 Shirt/Cardi: H&M; Pants/Shoes: Target; Umbrella: Ikea
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Have I mentioned how hard it is to take outfit pictures when it gets dark at approximately 3pm? About once?  A week?  And how I cannot for the life of me seem to remember to take pictures over the weekend?  Blogger fail.

Dan happened to get home a little early yesterday, though, which meant that we ran out with the camera the second he walked through the door.*  It's was a dreary, gloomy, no good day, but I was bound and determined to make rain-blurred pictures mine.

*By which I mean 20 minutes later when I finally remembered.

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  1. so cute! love the yellow and the stripes! and taking pictures in the winter when it gets dark so early is hard!

  2. Yellow and gray = win. Love it! And you're totally right about the dark. No good.

  3. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours.

  4. Love this! Simple and cute. And that umbrella is fun. :)


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