I have a funny relationship with goals.  I really love them.  But I have a hard time doing things without them.  Like the last two weeks?  I suppose I could've started practicing my violin more consistently or pulling out my cookbooks, but somehow, if they're not written down, I have a hard time making my goals happen.  Fear not - they're finally pondered and written and, you know, set in stone.  So I hope!

Do a monthly resolution check on the 30th of the month

·      Run a race (either 10K or half marathon, or both)
·      Prepare one recipe from a cookbook each week
·      Finish breakfast by 10am each day
·      Continue making all our bread and deodorant, and perfect homemade yogurt
·      Be ready for the day by 10am
·      Be in bed by 10:30 (as I write this at 11:20…)
·      Exercise 3x/week
·      Eat 5+ fruits/veggies each day
Have 10 great vegetarian crock pot meals

·      Practice violin at least 10 minutes each day
·      Read my DLSR manual
·      Practice being more precise when I sew
·      Do at least one thing on “Things to do in DC” list each month
·      Write in my journal each day
·      Reorganize home & attic (home just about done!)
·      Finish yearly photo albums
·      Refinish coffee table with D

·      Read at least 30 substantive books
·      Work from home at least 5 hours a week (either on company or consulting)
·      Glance at the news each morning

·      Have weekly dates (with at least one a month not at home)
·      Read 4 books together

·      Read scriptures with them each morning and help Nat memorize (or generally know) one scripture each month
·      Give alternates – don’t just say “no,” but help them see alternate options and help them put emotions into words
·      Participate in coop preschool
·      Take advantage of all teaching opportunities (reading books, craft projects, cooking, letters, singing time, etc.)
·      Potty train Nat
·      Have reading time with just kina each day
·      Write monthly letters to kina

Social & Service
·      Take one meal a month to a family in need
·      Have at least 2 friend dates a month
·      Increase fast offering
·      Do visiting teaching each month and grow to love and serve my sisters

·      Memorize all scripture masterys
·      Make fasting more meaningful – figure out concrete ways
·      Complete Personal Progress
·      Forgive without being asked
·      Before getting upset, ask myself if something is proper or preference
·      Add baby things to 72 hour kit
·      Read 30 minutes of scriptures each day, and finish Ensign each month
·      Monthly temple visits
·      Family history: write down one family story each month


  1. You are awesome. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. I like your goals and might "borrow" some of them. I like how you go beyond the typical things and have found ways you want to make your overall life better. Also, I'm curious: what kind of work do you do (from home?)

  3. Great goals! I need to start working on scripture memorizing with B...thanks for the reminder!

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  5. But how will you do them all?

  6. Whoo, that's a lot of goals! Way to go! You are superwoman. I only made 4. That's all I can manage!

  7. I'd love it if you wrote about homemade deodorant. . .


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