Sweater: F21; Shirt: Downeast Basics; Jeans: Target; Booties: Zappos; Scarf: India

Here's a confession to start off your Monday: I have a love/hate relationship with scarves.  I know, they add color and texture and everyone loves them but I don't always.  I usually love how they look, but if there's wind they get all tangled with your clothes/children.  And they are impossible to wear with a baby carrier, unless you want to risk asphyxiation.  So this scarf got worn for an hour or two, on a Saturday, when Dan was home to carry the baby when we went out.  "A" for effort, right?

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  1. LOL. I feel the same way about my scarf too. Love using them as accessories, but they are too hard to wear with kids, especially toddlers.
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  2. Haha, I know how you feel! I bought this adorable chunky scarf and it just impossible to wear all day when I'm running around chasing two babies! But I do love scarfs still lol!

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    Xoxo, Juls

  3. Love your outfit Preethi :) Oh my I couldn't guess if you didn't mention that you have a look so young!!

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    Come visit us sometime and would love if you join us on GFC too!

  4. :) Love the jeans and boots!


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