Baby headbands

So. Let's talk baby accessories.  It's probably fairly clear that I totally love little boy ties and suspenders and all that.  But I have some reservations about baby girl things.  I'm going to go ahead and be honest here and say that I have very little affection for those massively ginorm bows and such.  In general, I think any and all hair accoutrements should be smaller than the baby's head.  I mean, I want to see your cute baby, not a mass of frill, ya know?

Enter Babylicious Divas.  Their headbands are totally sweet and tasteful and just plain adorable.  They very kindly sent me some to try out (many thanks!) and it makes me more excited than it probably should to put them on baby c.  Exhibits A-E:

(You know what else is the cutest?  That baby.)

So pretty, yes?  And if you like them on facebook, you can get 10% off!


  1. Awww, look how cute she is! And I agree 100% on the headband size issue. I think the gigantic hairbows/flowers look ridiculous. Those are perfectly sized and perfectly adorable!

  2. Precious! Cute babe all decked out!


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