Sweater + Cords + Booties

Sweater: Shade; Shirt: Downeast Basics; Cords: Target; Booties: Zappos
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I can't seem to remember if I've already posted this outfit because it was from a couple of weeks ago, nor can I seem to find it on the blog.  I've been feeling forgetful in general lately - but isn't forgetfulness supposed to come with pregnancy?  And summer?  I can't seem to remember.


  1. what a cute outfit! love the color of those jeans and love you shoes!

  2. What a pretty combo. The colored jeans looks great with that striped top. You are looking radiant, mama.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Mom Fitness Journal

  3. This is is cute! I can't remember either but if you did I probably posted on how cute I think this outfit is like I am doing right now ha-ha



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