a) Okay, more-tech-savvy-than-I-am-folks - I was about to do a post and was trying to upload pictures when I got some message that I'm out of space for photos in my Picasa account.  Does this mean I have too many pictures on my blog?  Do I have to upgrade storage, or is there a way to delete past pictures from my Picasa account (without deleting them from the blog, of course).  Help!

b) Today's the last day to enter the $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway!

c) Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Ha! I just got that message last night!

  2. I got it a few months ago too...I went on to my online picasa and cleared it out (it didn't delete my photos on my blog), and now I have no problems. It's not like I needed the photos backed up anyway...all my important photos are backed up on an external hard drive already. Good luck!

  3. There must be some soft of a scam...I got the same message earlier today, and logged in to Picasa and everything...but came back later and there is no problem. Apparently it's not legit...hope I didn't get a virus or anything :(

    <3 Cambria

  4. I got a similar message several months ago but I checked and it was because I ran out of storage. I purchased more for only $5 or so.

    Found your blog via your Liebster nomination at Pike's Place!



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