More knots and dresses

"You got it, dude!"
Dress: Target; Shirt: Stolen from husband (Downeast Basics); Necklace as bracelet: borrowed from sister; Shoes: Saltwaters

(Evidently I've been on a knots-with-dresses kick lately.  I can't help it; it's just so easy and I think it's cute with a bump.)

We've been trying to fit as many little adventures in as possible at the end of the summer / before the baby comes.  There are so many fun things to do in the DC area, but it's easy to forget about them in the midst of daily chores and summer humidity.  Over Labor Day weekend, we headed up to go raspberry and apple picking.  (Nat easily ate half a pound off the bushes.  He'd either put them straight in his mouth, or get them in the basket and then immediately relocate them.  Oops.)

Tickling the berries
Eating off a fern thing

Monday included exploring the Manassas battlefield, where Nat particularly appreciated the movie and statue and displays that included "hah-sey!!"s.  After, we stopped by a giant thrift store and found out it was 50% off for Labor day and proceeded to marvel at and purchase many cute baby things.  We finished up the weekend with a little date night to Ray's Hellburger, which we'd somehow not tried before (it was excellent) and a little walk around the neighborhood.  We got back early so I could get in bed and be ready for my hearing for that HOV/license violation...both of which the judge dismissed!!  So yes, I'd say that was a happy weekend, after all.

On our walk after dinner, we stumbled across a random bakery and they had these GIANT mixers.  How do I get one of those in my house?

Up next: camping tomorrow!


  1. Goooood adventures! Nat looks so joyful- your family is clearly making darn good use of the last little bit of summer.

  2. That yellow print is super pretty! ANd I love how you're squeezing in all this fun stuff...berry picking looks great.

    <3 Cambria

  3. What an adorable little feller and baby bump! Looks like a very cool adventure!!

  4. aw looks like so much fun! Love how you knot your tops to show off your baby bump! its adorable.


  5. The bright shoes are so fun with the yellow dress. Looks like a fun weekend. :)

  6. You do not look like you are almost due! Seriously! I hope I will be half as tiny as you! You look beautiful pregnant by the way.

    And I'm happy I found your blog!


    Have a great day!

  7. oh, and i'm your 123d follower! ;)

  8. Can you just come live at my house and pick out my outfits every morning? Cause I seriously need it!

  9. What did you eat at Ray's Hellburger? It's Ben's favorite but I won't go there with him. He convinced me to try Ray's Hellburger Too and I got the seafood option but it was GROSS!


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