Full Term

Dress: H&M; Shirt: Old Navy; Earrings: Blue Nile; Violin necklace: old violin teacher; Sandals: Saltwaters

(Welcome to cell phone pics.  We remembered the camera, but not the battery...smart.)

Today, I'm 37 weeks.  When I say that I'm not ready for this pregnancy to end, it's not even so much that I feel unprepared or not ready for this little one to arrive (although, really, are you ever prepared or ready?).  It's just that it's gone by so fast and I want to take a little more to enjoy the kicks and rolls, as well as this sweet time with Nat.

But while I'm still in no rush for this her to arrive, I've have been getting extra excited to meet her lately.  This will probably make me sound vain, but we've been getting lots of baby girl clothes lately, and somehow, that just makes it seem all the more real.  It's not that I'm just excited for the clothes or to put her in them (although I am).  It's more that by seeing the tiny little outfits, I can somehow better visualize what she'll be like as a little person.  With Nat, too, seeing the extra-tiny things helped me imagine having an actual, real-life baby filling them.  Does that even make sense?

Or maybe I am just excited by all the cute things...because as much as I LOVE little boy clothes, whoo boy, there is about 7 times the variety in girl things.  And I think that deserves a little excitement.


  1. I'm so excited for you! This is gonna be some baby! It will be really fun to have little girl clothes...now you'll have one of each and the best of both worlds :) Cute polka dots btw!

    <3 Cambria

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  2. Aw you do not sound vain at all!!! :) I cant wait for you either! :) Although, I have never been pregnant I am guessing I am not going to be as good as you are and savor every minute, I already know I am going to be cranky. HAHA


  3. I've heard people say that little boys are JUST as fun as girls to dress. But I don't believe it for a second. :)


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