A True Statement

Undershirt + lace tee: Downeast Basics; Skirt: made by me; Necklace: c/o ShopBlueBirdBride; Sandals: Saltwaters
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Gah, how is it already getting tricky to take pictures with enough light out?  I mean, by the time we even eat dinner, it's already getting dark.  Yikes.  May need to reevaluate timing.

Moving on - statement necklace again!  So often, I'm tempted to pair a bright and chunky necklace with some other color or pattern or something.  So today, I decided to go with plain and simple and neutral, and have the necklace make an actual statement.  Stay tuned for other ways to remix a statement necklace!


GIVEAWAY REMINDER!  Don't forget to enter to win a bubble necklace like the one pictured above!


  1. I loved statement necklaces when I was pregnant because I felt like they lifted the attention away from my humongous midsection. :) You look super.

  2. Good day! Did you ever happen to turn to get help to any professional tricks to to bring the readers to your blog on a daily basis? Can't wait to hear from you.


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